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When my wall oven broke my home warranty company (AHS) replaced it. It was delivered by 2 men that were very professional and courteous from GE on 2-2-12. However they were unable to connect it as the wiring for the new one was shorter that the old one. They called purchasing and informed them of this. I received a call back on Monday from AHS and they scheduled JGG Electronics & Appliances for the extension of the wiring and the installation. I just went "Oh No!" I have dealt with them before. But I thought okay I would give the company the benefit of the doubt, like maybe they had a bad day the first time they were here. When Jefferson called to set the appointment he was as rude and obnoxious on the phone as the other times he had been here. But he was the one that AHS insisted on, so I had to go with him. I explained to Jefferson what needed to be done.

He showed up with a longer wiring for the oven and proceeded to TRY to install it. He informed me that the junction box was only 110. Even I as an elderly old lady know that an oven only runs on 220. Plus how could he have tested it since the breaker was off because there was live wires in the cupboard?? I had ask him if he was an electrician and he said yes and I ask him to fixed the problem. He said "I can't you need to call an electrician". Wait a minute he said he was an electrician!!!!

He has a very strong Jamaican accent and every time I ask him something and if I needed him to repeat it slower he would become very rude and belligerent. (Don't get me wrong 2 of my best friends are from Jamaica). At one time I ask him to repeat something because he spoke so fast I could not understand him and his replay very nasty was "I am going to tell you this one more time". At that I backed off, I was afraid of him and I just wanted him out of my house.

All he wanted to do was hook the wires to the back of the oven and plug it in. My oven does not plug in. It is wired directly into the junction box. All that needed to be done was the wires extended and connected to the junction box. But he was totally unable to complete this task.

When he was leaving I finally noticed what he was driving and I was really shocked. It was a personal size black Toyota pickup with a magnetic sign on the tail gate with his company name. It did not show any professionalism at all.

I called an electrician and explained the problem to him and he said no problem he could fix it. He showed up the next day checked everything out and the next morning he was here to connect it. The way it needed to be. The junction box did not have to be moved and a plug in did not have to be installed. All that needed to be done was the wires extended and wired in at the junction box. Apparently Jefferson does not know wiring. So, If anyone reading this has had any thing hooked up by JGG Electronics & Appliances please have your wiring and connections checked.

I did not want to argue with AHS about the cost, so I just paid it. But in my mind it was worth it. I know it is safe now.

His attitude and manner is scary to me. I am always home alone during the day when repairs are done as my son is a student at the university and my granddaughters are in school. I am an older lady on disability and would have no way to protect myself from him. And the way he can fly off the handle and become very mean sounding I do not trust him and I do not want him in my house again. If he is the only installer AHS can provide I will just have to have my son change his home warranty company. I really do not want to as they have been very good except for this company.

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